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Fresh from the palette!

Rivers of Life and Love 1

Rivers of Life and Love 2

Rivers of Life and Love 3

Karma - Cause & Effect 1
111cm x 126cm
Mixed media on canvas

I gleaned inspiration from the Divine Law of Karma, The Law of Cause & Effect. This law states that for every effect there is a cause (causal emotion). The failure to accept and feel these causal emotions has a ripple effect into the world.

Karma - Cause & Effect 1

The Facade Self (Three Selves)
90cm x 120cm
Mixed media and masks on canvas

Inspired work from the Divine Truth principals that I have been following for some time now. This art piece depicts our three selves. The true self, our soul, in the centre affected by the other 2 but still pulsating our unique energy. The injured or damaged self is next and carries in it all the debris from the restrictions of our enviroment. Finally  there is the hard brittle façade self which is often depicted wearing a mask. In some areas the façade is thick whereas in others very thin, nearly transparent or cracked and broken and the deeper layers of self can sometimes be glimpsed. 
Discovery, from the Femininity Unearthed series
80cm x 130cm
Mixed media on canvas

Seeking expressions of the Divine Feminine in this world is the subject of personal exploration for me at this time. This, together with my ongoing discovery of my true self, form the basis of proposed new works. I am exploring these ideas and feelings and then relating this back to the landscape. Although we in the Western world, in our pseudo landscape, are bombarded with images of beautiful women in glossy magazines  and on TV, I wonder how deep this beauty really travels and is there real substance. This work is  the start of a series of works exploring these ideas.

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