Sarah Larsen, artist


Contemporary & Abstracts

"Red Centre" Red Centre
730mm x 540mm
Mixed media on paper
Inspired by inland Australia.
Gecko Magic
690mm x 920mm
Mixed media on paper
Inspired by geckos which play on Sarah's walls!
"Gecko Magic"
Mystery of the Third Fish
770mm x 1,000mm
Mixed media on leather paper
Inspired by Sarah's passion and enjoyment of intrigue, mystery, and old carvings and manuscripts.
Just Another
600mm x 600mm
Mixed media on boxed canvas
Inspired by Pink Floyd's 
"Just Another Brick in the Wall"
"Just Another" by Sarah Larsen.
"Dreaming 1" by Sarah Larsen
Dreaming 1
1,100mm x 1,000mm
Mixed media on canvas
Inspired by travels in regional and remote Queensland and the spiritual connection to the landscape.

Journey through the Landscape
1,222mm x 904mm
Mixed media on canvas
Inspiration taken from my life's journey.



"Journey through the Landscape" by Sarah Larsen
"Traces of Place" by Sarah Larsen Traces of Place
980mm x 820mm
Mixed media on paper
Inspired by the vastness and silence of the red interior of Australia and our connection to the land and what we leave behind.

Outback In
mm x mm
Mixed media on canvas
Inspired by the feeling you get while sitting very still in outback Australia  and allowing the energy and timelessness to filter into your body and spirit.

"Outback In" by Sarah Larsen

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Sarah Larsen, Hayshead Studio, PO Box 45, Thangool  4716 Queensland AUSTRALIA
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